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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tony Seruga Tales of a Pioneer Business Development Expert

In this post we will tell about pioneer Tony Seruga's marketing vision. Tony Seruga himself a market. As Tony Seruga started business program since he was of 15 years old. He used to earn a decent money that time, with the change of time & situation Anthony Seruga had made him the marketing demon. According to his own recommendation Tony started as more as 600 business & on most of them he was and is successful. Because of his huge success in this business industry Tony started to help the online and offline entrepreneur to launch their business and to grow their business and ultimately Seruga watch over that how do they can earn a decent amount and good profit from the business. Tony help the business organizations to get the hired the copywriter as copywriter plays a great role in the business industry. Copywriter is someone who writes the companies all writings including Ads, Blogs, Company Descriptions. He helps the companies to find the better as all the copywriter is not considerable as there are the fact of word positioning. The writing is being read by thousands and millions of readers and visitors and from it the customer rate conversions occur, so this program should be of very important. The written content is the powerful weapon on the Internet domination cause this is one of the best part of SEO and that is on site SEO. Without the SEO optimized content, the site will not get ranked and the website will not get any benefit of it. As the time now is digital that is why Tony Seruga prefer online marketing as he has developed a program which bring the targeted traffic to the website and the traffic ultimately converts into potential buyers. Tony guarantee that he can increase the business sales of a company within first 20 days of his business on board. Seruga's automated system to get the real targeted traffic works great. This method has got very good reviews from it's users. Tony always fights with Internet Scam and fraud which had made the internet an unsafe place for the general users, According to him if that scam fraud could be stopped then the online system would be more popular. Recently Tony organized an anti scammer and scam free internet which got very good media attention. Google tells that this is the age of online democracy but in this good practice there are some cancer cells which should be wiped out. Because of this kinds of fraud people general peoples are suffering like now people are losing their money from PayPal cause hackers are hacking the email address or PayPal account of general people, so they are not safe. Email account or PayPal account is normally hacked by phishing email address like someone will send you a email address like " You have got $500 in our system lucky draw " " There are change of privacy policy " or " Your PayPal, Libertyreserve , Moneybookers(Skrill) account has been compromised" like these after that they would say that to get money or  to comply with the privacy policy Please Click On This Link but you don't ever click on this link, as if you do click on this link, your email address or login details will go to the hackers hand , so you will lose everything. If you need to visit the site and want to see what happening you should types the website like . This will secure the connection. Tony Seruga is the number one business development professional. When he takes a business development project in hand he starts from scratch like from beginning like Business plan writing, it's market value, Market experience, Finance issue, available opportunities, points of loss. After completing SWOT analysis Tony Seruga execute the project with  success hand.

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